MHD112T deep wave hair curler

For deep wave

Styling in second

MAGIC tourmaline ceramic

USD51.20 In stock
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1.Adopts arc-shaped design

The handle adopts arc-shaped design,there are some antiskid points on it,double color appearance vogue and concise,The front end of the handle adopts arc raised design to prevent scald.

2.Integrate switch equips

The integrate switch equips with the LED light,short and sweet ,be clear at a glance.

3.Press type hand shank

Equips with the press type hand shank,internally installed back pressure spring which can operate 30,000 times ,it's easy to put hair into the hair curler.

4.high temperature for styling

In the front of each hot rod ,there is plastic cap which can resist high temperature ,it's effectively prevent customer be scalded from it.

5.360 degree rotatable mode

The power cord tail assemble 360 degree rotatable mode,effectively prevent the wire winding damage,effectively prolong the service life of the product,operate more handy.

6.Double air holes

There are double air holes in the bottom of the handle,it's can effectively cool the handle and the hot rod ,prolong working life.

7.Stainless steel scaffold

There is a stainless steel scaffold between the rod and handle,it's convenient to put down and pick up the hair curler,will prevent the accident harm by the hot rod.

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